> General Information on equipment, registration, volunteering, and items needed.

Registration for Spring Seasons generally opens in January, Practice February, Opening Day in March, and Closing Ceremonies before school ends for summer break. 

Registration for Fall Seasons generally opens in July/August, Practice August/September, Opening Day in September, and Closing Ceremonies before Thanksgiving. 

Gear Me Up!

Registration Fees include team shirt and socks, Players are responsible for providing*:
    Cleats (not metal)
    Softball Batting Helmet (with cage in front)
    Softball Glove (check with coach on size if unsure)
    Rip-It style face mask for defensive play
    Black Softball Pants
    Softball Bag to carry equipment in

*Lassie receives donations from players as they grow out of their equipment, please send us an email about used cleats, gloves or bags available for a small donation.
Optional items:
    Batting Gloves
    Catcher's Gear (if do not have, league will provide if you are a catcher)
    Bat (if you do not have, league will provide)

Please contact us with your name, phone number and e-mail address and we will notify you regarding when the next season and registration will start.  If you are already on our mailing list, an email will automatically be sent to you prior to registration opening up.
Lassie League is forming Committees for areas of need within the league.  If you are interested in helping or have a special skill you think would be useful, please email us with your interest.  Specific Committees include:

  • Coach Recruitment and Training
  • Concessions
  • Fundraising
  • Equipment
  • Opening & Closing Ceremonies
  • Registration
  • Team Moms

Contact us to see how you can help to make Lassie League stronger!


Community Service Hours available for approved students that need them.  Check in at concessions for availability or email us at lassieleague1@yahoo.com.


Lassie League is in need of some items, so please keep us in mind before you throw away any items we could use.  Contact (LassieLeague1@yahoo.com)

Items needed:

1.    Three basin sink; and

2.    Awnings to Lassie Field bleachers.  They do not last long and need constant replacement.

3.    Artist to Paint Concessions Building with our New Logo!

4.    Sponsor for a New Lassie League Sign on Courtenay Parkway!

5.    Softballs, we never have enough and are always buying more.

6.    Scoreboard - Cocoa Beach Optimist Club donated money towards a new score board on Lassie Field 1, and we are close to having enough to order another score board for Lassie Field 2.  If you would like to donate money for this specific cause, please email us at lassieleague1@yahoo.com.